Saturday, October 27, 2007

- Elite remake -

(source code + x86 & ARM Linux binaries)
- x86 binaries should work on any Linux PC with or without X11
- arm binaries should be compatible with Linux mobile device

Qtopia port (source code + static Linux binary)

Glut -1st remake (Windows binary + Visual Studio source code)

Completely re-written AI, there are now battles going on in universe that are independent of player, pirates attacking trader convoys, police patrols attacking pirates or even complete war outbreaks.... this "Elite remake" should be in par with ArcElite (Archimedes Elite), well at least that was my goal... but there is more, hard-coded 7 extra missions and added many other features that appeared in Elite remakes and some completely new stuff...

Bad dream
After launch you notice unusually large number of viper patrols and other space ships around the station and they soon start shooting at each other... and you. This is a good time to warm up and get some score/rating. (Go after bad guys for extra points)

MISSION 2. - Asteroid shower
In 'real life' on Lave Space Station things are not much better. Large number of Asteroids is heading for the planet. Opportunity to earn some cash here. (When reinforcement arrive be quick or they'll shoot off your money)

MISSION 3. - Zurid Pino and Cloaking Device
Nasty pirate is menacing peaceful trading region and it has Cloaking Device. Later on you are told that pirate might be infamous Zurid Pino and that you better get E.C.M. There is also a reward if he is captured alive. Once you meet him you will find out that ship can not be missile targeted and scanner has problem tracking it. (For bonus reward and cash don't destroy the ship until Pino launches Escape Pod. When he bails quickly destroy the Cougar and only then catch up and scoop Pino's capsule. After that hurry up and scoop the cargo and other debris before it drifts away. Before you scoop anything check if you have enough space in your Cargo Hold, if not jettison less valuable items and shoot them for points)

MISSION 4. - Supernova
After arriving at Razaar system your on-board computer displays a message that fuel leak is detected. That actually is the least of your troubles as soon you will find out that that Razaar's sun is going "Nova". It's complete chaos and the station is out of Hyperspace fuel but at least they will supply you with a new ship. The new ship comes with important passengers and a new mission, but first you must survive Supernova. (Clear off all the traffic running away from the planet, then once you are far away to engage Warp Jump engine be sure to have planet and sun in you REAR View because you'll need to be far, far away to survive Supernova blast... look for new planet description if mission completed successfully then scoop either of two suns for fuel)

MISSION 5. - Asteroids on Qube system
Same as 2nd mission, but this time there are other pilots around from the start and you will have to be quick to earn your money. (You may notice a new gadget in your ship, a gift from Razaar refugees to help you keep track of your missile target)

MISSION 6. - Constrictor

Her Majesty's Space Navy makes note of you and gives you the mission to catch pirates that have stolen top-secret experimental naval ship prototype. This is a classic unchanged mission from the original BBC Elite. (For bonus reward capture the crew alive. Since police chased them away of station before they re-fueled you will find them near the sun trying to scoop)

MISSION 7. - Genesis Capsules

"...We need to find some other way of releasing Ecology Seed and dispersing it in the planet's atmosphere. Simultaneous activation at low altitude is the best we can try now without proper equipment. Capsules are being loaded in your ship in special food containers. ---MESSAGE ENDS." (At low altitude jettison all the containers and activate Energy Bomb... look for new planet description if mission completed successfully)

MISSION 8. - Thargoid documents

As in original Elite - "I have obtained the defence plans for their Hive Worlds. The beetles know we've got something but not what. If I transmit the plans to our base on Birera they'll intercept the transmission. I need a ship to make the run. You're elected. The plans are unipulse coded within this transmission. You will be paid. Good luck Commander. ---MESSAGE ENDS."

MISSION 9. - The Battle For Birera (Thargoid Invasion)

"...The Hive World plans have been retrieved from your on-board computer and decoded successfully. The future of the whole Galaxy may now be in our hands. Birera Station must be defended at all cost. Die hard Commander. ---MESSAGE ENDS."

Have Fun!

source of info:

Zarch remake


  1. the remake of ArcElite is great. I've got it running but I don't know how to save the game. Is this possible?

  2. Agreed. Excellent remake but very frustrating with no save option. Also, is there any way to toggle the recentering on the keyboard controls? Thanks :)

  3. helloooo.. no save option, sorry. this build was only really intended to be for testing purposes, however the good news is that there are few cheats so you can finish the whole game in a less than an hour

    i think its worth it to get to the end because of the final stage... so many Thargoids!!

    >>recentering on the keyboard controls

    sorry, no.. i kind of liked that "floaty" feeling, it feels more like flying, more like playing ArcElite with a mouse

    interestingly, this way is easier to dock! any case, after 10min of play you can get used to it, i tried many settings and once you get "hang of the Cobra mkIII", damping and re-centering dont realy matter at all

  4. actually to finish a game in a less than an hour you will need this "undocumented" cheat - press "`" key to instantly get lots of fuel and maybe even recharge shield, i forgot now...

  5. berto.. go to hell!

    you are amusing tho, hehee


  6. Oh dude... I found this Elite remake, played it, thought it was one of the most fleshed out I've come across, really great... But I'll generally only have time to play for 30 minutes or so at a time, without saves I'm a bit stuck :(

    Ah well, great work though, it's a great twist on Elite with so many mass battles going on!