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When 2 and 2 come together... it equals 4, and it's that simple.

Photons and wave-particle duality

First, let me equate fields with "particles", and so the smallest amount of electric charge are electron and positron, their filed magnitude describes spherical potential which we somewhat appropriately consider a 'point particle' since it drops off rapidly according to inverse-square law.

The magnitude of an electric field surrounding two equally
charged (repelling) and two oppositely charged (attracting) particles.

Photon, electromagnetic radiation is simply combined kinetics of an electric dipole. When positron and electron interact, initially they will try to stick together - orbit each other, but due to magnetic force acting perpendicularly to both, the velocity vector and magnetic field vector, they will twist around and produce spiral trajectory, or more precisely said - their paths will describe double-helix. This type of wavy movement is also known as transverse wave, so electron and positron do not really annihilate, they actually COMBINE into a photon. Light polarization is then simply geometrical plane of charge oscillation, while superposition explains why photons not have net electric charge despite their  evident electromagnetism.

- "Electromagnetic waves can be imagined as a self-propagating transverse oscillating wave of electric and magnetic fields.

- "The fact that the electromagnetic field can possess momentum and energy makes it very real... a particle makes a field, and a field acts on another particle, and the field has such familiar properties as energy content and momentum, just as particles can have"

Magnetic monopoles
right under everyone's nose

EM polarity is a relation between forces of attraction and repulsion, if the field lines are going in two opposite directions we have a dipole moment and minimum of two fields, but if all field lines go in only one and the same direction sharing a common source, then we simply ought to call it a "monopole".'s_law


This monopole fields drops off with inverse-square in the plane perpendicular to its velocity, but it also weakens as the angle aligns with velocity vector according to cross product, so at the end this field looks like  doughnut or toroid, the divergence of this field is most certainly not zero.

 \mathbf{B} =\frac{\mu_0 q \mathbf{v}}{4\pi} \times \frac{\mathbf{\hat r}}{r^2}

Interestingly enough, this goes along beautifully with what EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN told us quite some time ago when he was talking about "North pole individual magnets" and "South pole individual magnets". I suppose everyone knows about Ed, or at least about Coral Castle and Billy Idol's song "Sweet Sixteen"?

- "Dirac showed that the existence of magnetic monopoles was consistent with Maxwell's equations only if electric charges are quantized, which is observed."

Aether and the speed of gravity

Speed of light is terminal velocity of EM fields. Therefore, just like free-falling object reaches terminal velocity due to air drag, so does the photon or any EM radiation have its terminal velocity due to resistance of Aether.

Speed of field potentials, the volume magnitude propagates much faster, possibly as longitudinal wave, which makes charges, as well as electric potentials and gravity, appear "rigid" and explains apparent instantaneous interaction over distance.

Aether and gravity. Helical or transverse propagation of EM fields and longitudinal propagation of their potentials would have different terminal velocity influenced by the density gradients or pressure differences of this fabric, which closely corresponds to gravitational potentials or inertial reference frames.

Vorticity and magnetism. Aether "fluid-dynamics" analogy is probably the most obvious in the photo below as we can see the right-hand rule just like with Lorentz equation, where the force acts inward, towards decreased density and is attractive just like with magnetic field of a moving charge. Biot-Savart law, magnetic field equation, can be used equally well in electromagnetics just as in aerodynamics.


So, Lorentz was right after all
...Lorentz on his side continued to use the aether concept. In his lectures of around 1911 he pointed out that what "the theory of relativity has to say ... can be carried out independently of what one thinks of the aether and the time".

He commented that "whether there is an aether or not, electromagnetic FIELDS certainly exist, and so also does the energy of the electrical oscillations" so that, "if we do not like the name of "aether", we must use another word as a peg to hang all these things upon."

In the early 1920s, in a lecture which he was invited to give at Lorentz's university in Leiden, Einstein sought to reconcile the theory of relativity with his mentor's cherished concept of the aether. In this lecture Einstein stressed that, in general relativity, space is "endowed with physical quantities".

Shortly before his lecture in Leiden in 1920 he admitted in the paper: "Grundgedanken und Methoden der Relativitätstheorie in ihrer Entwicklung dargestellt": - Therefore I thought in 1905 that in physics one should not speak of the aether at all. This judgment was too radical though as we shall see with the next considerations about the general theory of relativity. It moreover remains, as before, allowed to assume a space-filling medium if one can refer to electromagnetic FIELDS.

The founder of quantum FIELD theory, Paul Dirac, stated in 1951 in an article in Nature, titled "Is there an Aether?" that "we are rather forced to have an aether".

And, why no one ever told you
how electrons actually attract?!?

- "The Z-pinch is an application of the Lorentz force, in which a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a force. One example of the Lorentz force is that, if two parallel wires are carrying current in the same direction, the wires will be pulled toward each other. The Z-pinch uses this effect: the entire plasma can be thought of as many current-carrying wires, all carrying current in the same direction, and they are all pulled toward each other by the Lorentz force, thus the plasma contracts."


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